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Personal Planner - Caring for Minor Children
Caring for Minor Children
"Who would take care of our children? I am not sure anyone would be willing to accept that responsibility," remarked Shelly to her attorney, Jim. "It's not that they aren't good children. They are all...
Savvy Living - Extreme Heat and Tips to Stay Safe
Extreme Heat and Tips to Stay Safe
I work for a county health department where we see individuals affected from heat-related illnesses. Can you provide information on the effects of extreme heat on older adults, and what they can do to...
Washington News - Top Security Tips for Tax Preparers
Top Security Tips for Tax Preparers
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a new campaign aimed at tax preparer security. The campaign is called "Protect Your Clients; Protect Yourself." IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated, "Security threats against tax professionals and their sensitive taxpayer information continue to evolve, and it is critical to stay on top of the latest developments to protect their business and their clients. The Security Summit effort between the IRS, states and the nation's tax industry has worked to protect taxpayers and tax returns from identity thieves, and tax professionals form a key part of these security defenses." The IRS reports it received nearly 200 incident reports from tax professionals...