Tuesday January 25, 2022


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Personal Planner - Trusts for Creative Spenders
Trusts for Creative Spenders
Trusts can be quite useful for protecting children. However, for some children, the trust serves an additional function: It protects the principal from being rapidly spent by a child. These trusts...
Savvy Living - How to Write a Loved One's Obituary
How to Write a Loved One's Obituary
Can you provide tips on how to write an obituary? My father, who has terminal cancer, has asked me to write his obituary that will be published in the funeral program and run in our local newspaper....
Washington News - Top Five IRS Filing Tips For Prompt Refunds
Top Five IRS Filing Tips For Prompt Refunds
In IR–2022–16 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offered five tips for the filing season that starts on January 24, 2022. The IRS notes this is a year with "unprecedented circumstances" due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It will be important for taxpayers to follow IRS best practices to file their returns and avoid any delays in processing refunds. Accurate Return — The most accurate tax return will be available through electronic filing and selecting a direct deposit for your refund. You may do this through a trusted tax provider or using e-file tax software. The benefit of e-filing software is that it performs math addition for you and greatly reduces the number of simple errors that...